hello loves!

so you want to be a lifestyle blogger.

are you capable of writing a post every day, detailing every minute of that day, wItH pIcTurEs???

are you capable of having conversations without blowing things up, threatening to throw one of your fellow students, or generally being an uncouth, dirty boy?

are you able to sit silently and listen to k-love all day while writing posts about your faith that conveniently avoid any mention of hard times and stay ridiculously positive so your readers will think you’re perfect?

are you able to paint over your depression and anxiety with broad strokes, instead referring to them as “the wilderness” and a “season”?

are you able to create a round logo with flowers and a three word alliterative tagline?

can you refer to everyone as “dearie” or “love” and end each post with a custom made graphic that looks like your signature?

um, no.

I’m not gonna do that, not gonna do things that everyone else does just because that’s what’s expected. I don’t consider myself a lifestyle blogger, I don’t even know what I consider myself. I don’t put myself in a category because that would impede my creativity. I don’t schedule posts, I don’t have an aesthetic.

Obviously that doesn’t work for everyone, and I’m not saying that people who do the things I listed aren’t creative and amazing people in their own right. I am saying that if you’re reading this as a new blogger or a wannabe blogger, don’t put yourself in a category because that’s what’s expected. Don’t push yourself to be like everyone else and look like everyone else. You’ll just blend in, and if you blend in you can’t stand out.

Heck, maybe you’re a guy and to you, every blogger is a girl. And so you feel like you can’t be a real blogger. Well, I’m not a girl. So there’s at least one, and I know there are more. Just off the top of my head there’s Josiah at The Lighthouse and Noah at Life in Kyoto (both amazing blogs, by the way). So there are guy bloggers, we exist. Don’t be discouraged.

So don’t hesitate to do something out of the box. Some of my favorite blogs are unconventional and different. They stand out from the monotony of “just another lifestyle blog”.

Don’t feel like you constantly have to stay positive, or maintain a facade of perfection. You’re a real person with real problems. Don’t be afraid to show people that.

Even if you don’t blog, be different. Stand out, be yourself. Ignore the pressure of your peers to be just like them.

If we’re all unique, what’s the point of being a copy of everyone else?

2 thoughts on “individuality

  1. “are you capable of having conversations without blowing things up, threatening to throw one of your fellow students, or generally being an uncouth, dirty boy?”



    honestly tho this was hilarious. keep it up. plus that last line was gold.


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